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Urine Odor Removal in Eagle County

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Combating odors at the molecular level.

Leading Methods

Our team will gladly go to your location and provide you with a plan of action.

Certified Team

Certified, trained cleaning experts with IICRC certifications.

Disinfectant Specialists

Our cleaning process is designed to eliminate most bacteria.

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Steam Cleaning

We will begin with using our commercial truckmount machine with over 200°F water and a powerful vacuum.

Anti Urine Chemical

Chemical Application

We will completely saturate your carpet with water and our advanced urine removal checmicals to tackle the smell and stain at it's source.

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Drying Time

After our team has cleaned the area we do require at least 24 hours to allow the carpet to dry. Most only require one clean however you may need more depending on the amount of urine in the carpet.

Based on The Damage For a Complete Removal, We Recommend:

Frequently Asked Questions:

A&M Group Inc has handled thousands of urine odor services across the valley we usually only require one visit however depending on the amount of urine we may require multiple visits.

Yes, our team has earned unrivaled IICRC certifications in the areas of inspection, cleaning, and restoration.


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