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Why Should You Get Your Rugs Cleaned?

Having your rugs professionally cleaned is an excellent way to keep them looking great and free of dust.

Area Rug and Oriental Rug Cleaning

How Frequently Should I Clean My Rugs?

Rug cleaning is entirely dependent on your requirements and the amount of traffic your rugs receive. In general, you should clean your rugs as soon as something spills on them or once a year.

How Does Your Rug Cleaning Process Work?

Our experienced, skilled, and qualified crew first inspects the rugs before using various cleaning chemicals and procedures to ensure efficient rug cleaning at reasonable pricing.


Frequently Asked Questions:

We clean area rugs using the same exceptional hot-water extraction technology we’ve used to clean carpets for over 10 years. 
This takes dirt and allergies from your rug’s fibers and removes them from your house.
The cost of cleaning an oriental rug varies based on its size. 
Give us call at (970) 479 1260 for an estimate on oriental rug cleaning.

Yes, we use method called hot water extraction to clean rugs, which is often known as steam cleaning due to the steam that is produced as we work.

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