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Why Get Your Stone & Tile Professionally Cleaned?

Stone and tiles can be one of the easiest floors to clean, however it’s important to make sure to keep up the proper maintenance to keep them looking fresh and appealing.

Free Estimates

Our team will gladly go to your location and provide you with a free estimate.

Certified Team

Certified, trained cleaning experts with IICRC certifications.

Disinfectant Specialists

Our cleaning process is designed to eliminate most bacteria.

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Initial Stage: Inspection

Our technicians will inspect your areas to be cleaned and will add any pretreatment's required.

Stone Cleaning | A&M Group Inc.

Pretreatment & Cleaning

We will connect our cleaning equipment to our state-of-the-art truckmount machine. After this we will spray our pre spray and begin cleaning your rug.

Stone Cleaning | A&M Group Inc.

Final Analysis On Cleaning

Once our team is fully satisfied with the look of the rug and we are sure it has been cleaned to its maximum potential, we will mark it as complete and let you know that the work has been done.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It’s recommended to get stone and tile (especially grout) professionally cleaned annually, however this can differ depending on the amount of traffic and regular maintenance it receives.

While getting stone or tile completely replaced can be expensive, getting it cleaned can be much more affordable and will get it looking brand new. Call us to get a free estimate so we can see what we can do about getting your stone or tile cleaned.

You can help out our technicians by removing any items on the floor such as rugs, plants and decorations and make sure to sweep and vacuum the area so it can be optimally cleaned.


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