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  1. Kool-Aid

We can already see it now- a sticky, red sugary drink trying to be dabbed up with a towel… and then a faint red blob left behind to be covered by a couch or table. But it’s still there. Here’s how you can try and kick that stain to the curb:

  1. Pet Stains

Pet stains are just part of being a pet parent. We love them and no matter how much we don’t like cleaning up after them, we do it anyway.

  1. Coffee

There’s nothing worse than spilling coffee when you’re already late for work or dropping off the kids at school. Aside from trying to get it out of your shirt, try this tip for your carpet:

  1. Blood

However it got there, blood is a pain to remove from carpet. You can try using hydrogen peroxide but if you don’t have any in the house there are other alternatives, too!