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How to Get Dog Hair Out of My Carpet?

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Dogs are our closest companions. They bring their owners an incredible amount of happiness.  For as much happiness as we get from our dogs, we get an equal amount of frustration when it’s time to clean up after them.

You’ve probably struggled with how to get dog hair out of carpet if you own a dog. Getting dog hair out of carpet, no matter how hard you try, is a difficult chore. Even the most powerful vacuum cleaners may fall short of totally eliminating the hair. So, what’s the most effective approach to remove dog hair from a carpet?

Here are a few pointers to make things go more smoothly.

1. Call the Experts at A&M Group Inc.

If you’re having trouble getting dog hair out of your carpet and live in the eagle county area, give A&M Group Inc a call. We’re professionals at removing pet hair from carpets and can clean them more thoroughly than you could thanks to our truck mount enterprise grade machines and fully trained team. We’d be delighted to assist you! Please contact us at (970) 479-1260 or

2. Invest in a Vacuum for Pet Hair

Getting a pet hair vacuum cleaner is one of the greatest ways to get dog hair out of carpet. Some of these vacuum cleaners are pretty pricey, as well as quite bulky. You should look for a pet hair vacuum that features a motorized roller bar in general. The rotating bar and associated brushes suck up dog hair from deep inside the carpet fibers, making it far more effective than a vacuum without one at removing pet hair.

3. Purchase a Carpet Rake

You’re not the only one who has trouble getting dog hair out of carpet. The carpet rake was invented by one of those people who are just like you.

This tool is used to remove objects from between the carpet fibers that are difficult to reach. The “fingers” of the carpet rake will get in between the fibers to remove the pet hair as you run it over the carpet.

A carpet rake also has the added benefit of fluffing the pile on your carpet, making it look brand new when you’re done.

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