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How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

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Your carpet is an important part of your living space. You naturally want it to look good for a long time. You also want your carpet to be dust and odor free for a healthier household. Furthermore, because your carpet represents a significant financial commitment, you want it to survive as long as feasible.

The Carpet and Rug Institute suggests having your carpet professionally deep-cleaned annually to keep it looking at its best. Keep in mind that this advised frequency is merely a guideline and may vary depending on your specific circumstances.

Does Vacuuming Help? Yes it does!

Vacuuming regularly will help your carpets last longer. Besides keeping the carpet clean and dry, regular vacuuming removes the loose particles on its surface before they settle deeper and start damaging the carpet fibers.

Vacuuming regularly can often help to delay the need for more serious steam carpet cleaning. With that in mind no matter how often you vacuum, you will eventually still need to call a professional carpet cleaner like A&M Group Inc to extract the deep dirt and dust from your carpet before they damage your fibers at the bottom level.

And if you rarely vacuum, now is probably the time to schedule a professional cleaning to preserve the quality of your carpet.

What About the Warranty of Your Carpet?

Every carpet manufacturer will have its own set of requirements if you want to maintain the warranty and protect your investment. The quality of these requirements will vary based on the type of carpet you purchase.

It’s not unlikely for the warranty to state that you need to have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis (1-2 times per year, typically) although this does depend on each carpet manufacturer.

In order to ensure full warranty coverage, be sure to save your receipts for the cleanings in case any issues should arise. This will allow you to have them on hand as proof that you followed the manufacturer’s instructions for proper care and cleaning frequency.

Give us a call at 970 479 1260 for your free estimate for today on carpet cleaning needs. We’ll discuss your specific needs and get back to you with an exact quote which will of course be free.

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