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How Frequently Do I Need to Vacuum?

Vacuuming Carpet

Many of our customers wonder this question. It is often recommended to vacuum your carpet as soon as you start to notice any high levels or traffic, or if you have a sudden event like a party and a lot of guests, or simply if you are noticing a lot of dust collecting. If you are worried on the frequency to vacuum your carpet stick around as here we will talk about just that!

How Often Should You Vacuum Carpet

Now this can fluctuate widely depending on your environment. If the area is highly trafficked then we highly recommend you vacuum at least once daily. If the area does not have a lot of traffic then we recommend at least once every three days. Although this may seem very excessive it is also a very important task in order to help keep your carpets looking clean and like new.

What Kind of Vacuum Should I Use

If you are looking for the what kind of Vacuum you should use to get the best results we highly recommend a good bagged vacuum as these tend to have the most power. However to assist you with everyday vacuuming we also recommend you use a self vacuum system like a Roomba.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning | A&M Group Inc.

Call The Professional Carpet Cleaners

It is also important to remember that no matter how much or how often you vacuum, you should still get a professional carpet cleaning company like A&M Group to do a full deep carpet clean at least every 12 months.

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Can I Remove Black Mold Myself?

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