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Cleaning Stone and Tiles


Stone and tiles can be one of the easiest floors to clean, however it’s important to make sure to keep up the proper maintenance to keep them looking fresh and appealing. This can differ depending on the material and the amount of traffic it receives but it’s important to keep up on. Here are some of the most important things to remember in regards to cleaning your stone and tiles.

Why Should I Get Stone and Tile Professionally Cleaned?

Stone, tile and grout all start to wear out and it’s important to get then professionally cleaned. Dirt builds up on stone and tile and starts to dull its appearance and changes the color of your grout. A professional clean is recommended to keep stone and tile looking vibrant and new.

How Often Should I Get Stone and Tile Professionally Cleaned?

It’s recommended to get stone and tile (especially grout) professionally cleaned annually, however this can differ depending on the amount of traffic and regular maintenance it receives.

Is It Expensive to Get Stone and Tile Professionally Cleaned?

While getting stone or tile completely replaced can be expensive, getting it cleaned can be much more affordable and will get it looking brand new. Call us to get a free estimate so we can see what we can do about getting your stone or tile cleaned.

How Can I Prepare for a Professional Cleaning?

You can help out our technicians by removing any items on the floor such as rugs, plants and decorations and make sure to sweep and vacuum the area so it can be optimally cleaned.

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